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Life After A Medical Provider’s Mistake

Ideally, an emergency room visit, an operation or a doctor’s prescription for a new medication should help you get better, not make your condition worse. When you seek medical care, you do so with expectations that doctors, therapists, nurses and hospital staff will follow widely accepted standards of care. A poor outcome may be unavoidable – or it may be a sign of medical malpractice.

Law Offices Kenneth F. Carmine, P.A. and Stephen B. Potter, Esquire, LLC, can help you discover the truth and if warranted, pursue the compensation you need and deserve after an injury or illness caused by medical malpractice.

Your Quest For The Truth

How will you know the difference between evidence of a medical mistake and an unfortunate but unpredictable turn for the worse? Investigations are needed to determine exactly what happened. You may suspect (or know) that medical malpractice happened if you or your loved one:

  • Had a sudden, apparent and disastrous reaction to a prescription drug
  • Suffered an apparent brain injury during surgery on some other part of the body
  • Gave birth to a baby who was apparently healthy before birth but had birth defects typical of cerebral palsy
  • Was operated on as planned, but on the wrong side of the body
  • Lost the opportunity for timely cancer treatments (or treatments for another disease) because of a misdiagnosis

When we agree to represent someone harmed through medical malpractice, it means we are convinced the case has merit. We will take it as far as necessary to get a fair outcome.

Our Mission: Justice For Those Harmed

Seeking legal counsel is a step in the right direction if you have reason to believe that your injury or illness may have been the result of a physician’s error. Our law firm has helped many people determine whether medical malpractice had harmed them.

When the evidence is strong enough to bring a claim for compensation, we painstakingly document what went wrong and how it affected our client. Then we take a compelling case on behalf of an injured client before insurance company representatives, judges and juries, as needed.

Get Answers And Help

Discuss your potential medical malpractice with one of our devoted plaintiff’s lawyers. To schedule a free consultation, call 302-485-9785 or complete our online inquiry form for a prompt response.

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