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What’s a permanent partial disability under workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

You can count on workers’ compensation for a number of different benefits when your work affects your health. Both those hurt on the job in Delaware and those who develop a work-acquired medical condition may eventually need to file a claim for workers’ compensation. 

Medical coverage is probably the most commonly used benefit. Any injury or work-acquired illness may entitle you to full coverage for the care that you receive after you file a successful claim. Workers’ compensation, unlike private health insurance, won’t require a co-pay or that you meet a deductible before it pays your medical bills. 

Other workers will be unable to work and may require disability benefits. Although you may recognize that you can get benefits if you can’t work at all, you may be less familiar with partial disability benefits. 

What constitutes a permanent partial disability in Delaware?

When you have lasting functional limitations after a workplace injury or a work-acquired illness, you may have a permanent partial disability. Any persistent symptoms that affect your ability to work or your earning potential may qualify as a permanent partial disability for the purposes of claiming Delaware workers’ compensation benefits. 

If you can no longer do the same job or if your earning potential decreases, you can claim benefits that will replace a portion of your lost income. Permanent partial disability benefits can relieve some of the financial strain a worker suffers from a job-related injury. 

Learning about the different workers’ compensation benefits available can help you get the support you need for a medical condition resulting from your job.