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Paying attention could help reduce rear-end crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As a driver, it’s important to make sure you understand some of the most frequent causes of crashes. Rear-end crashes, in particular, are a result of common distractions that drivers may need to deal with, which is why focus is so essential on the road.

Even some of the best drivers may end up in rear-end crashes because of simple, short distractions like changing a radio station or checking a text. Distractions are, in many cases, the primary cause of these collisions.

Most rear-end crashes could be avoided

Did you know that most rear-end collisions could be avoided completely if drivers had just one extra second of warning before needing to stop? Considering that it takes less than a second to check a text, change the radio station or start to doze off, it makes sense that distractions play a heavy role in these collisions.

Today, manufacturers are using crash avoidance technologies, like forward-collision warning, to help give drivers more time to respond. These pieces of technology may go as far as braking for the driver so that they are saved from a serious crash.

If you don’t have these advanced technologies in your vehicle, you can still take steps to avoid a rear-end crash. You can:

  • Always brake slowly and over time, so drivers behind you have more time to stop
  • Avoid checking your phone or getting distracted, even for a second
  • Get into the habit of looking at what drivers are doing around you to prevent crashes when they make errors

Rear-end crashes may lead to serious injuries. If you’re hurt, remember that you may be able to hold an at-fault driver responsible for their actions.