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3 useful safety measures when sharing the roads with trucks

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

All types of road traffic accidents pose a significant threat of injury. However, collisions that involve trucks and commercial vehicles can have particularly serious consequences.

Trucks and commercial vehicles are typically larger and tend to outweigh other vehicles by vast amounts. Consequently, injuries resulting from an accident with a truck can be catastrophic. As a result, it is worth considering ways that you can protect yourself as a driver. Outlined below are three useful safety measures when sharing the roads with trucks.

Give trucks plenty of space  

There are numerous potential safety benefits of allowing a truck plenty of room. Due to their sheer size, trucks require a lot of space to perform maneuvers. If you are too close and a truck has to brake suddenly, or make a turn, you could run the risk of being trapped by the vehicle.

Ensure that your signals are clear

Larger vehicles generally have much longer stopping distances. Therefore, it is important to signal clearly and in plenty of time before changing lanes or making a turn. Sudden movements may not allow the truck enough time to stop, meaning that they could collide with you at a significant speed.

Be wary of blind spots

It is virtually impossible for drivers to see all of the areas surrounding their vehicle. This is especially the case for trucks and larger vehicles. Operators of larger vehicles often do not have the benefit of rearview mirrors or windshields, which makes traveling behind them even more hazardous. Furthermore, the area to the right of a larger vehicle is a particularly dangerous place to be, and is best avoided if possible. Being aware of a vehicle’s blind spots could be in your best interests.

It is important to protect yourself as a road user in Delaware. In the event that you have been injured in a road traffic accident, there may be legal options open to you.