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Where would we be without nurses? Yet, when you look at what the job entails, it is no wonder many health care providers struggle to find staff.

Whether you work in a hospital, local surgery or another facility, you face risks that most workers do not have to deal with, and you do so for relatively low pay.

What makes nursing dangerous?

Here are some of the hazards that you could face at work:

  1. Infection: In your frontline position, you are at greater risk of picking up a disease than the average worker. Some infections can be airborne, some passed via surfaces, and others via the tools of your trade. When handling sharps, it would only take a trip or someone bumping into you to get infected from a needle or scalpel contaminated with the blood of an infected patient.
  2. Physical violence: The images that nursing schools promote of patients beaming in gratitude as you do your rounds do not match reality. If you have ever worked a Saturday night shift in an emergency ward, you will know that many patients do not want to be there.  A combination of beer, drugs and pent-up aggression can lead to some patients taking out their anger on those who try to help them.
  3. Wear and tear: Nursing can be hard work, both mentally and physically. The long shifts and constant need to cover for staff shortages can soon wear you down. Do this for years on end, and it is no wonder many nurses suffer from back pain, stress and other injuries that eventually prevent them from continuing.

Getting injured at work can put you in a delicate financial situation. You might not be able to work for some time and have expensive medical bills to meet. Finding out how to claim against your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will be crucial.