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Road rage: It’s a thing. Be careful out there

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

We have all seen or experienced road rage. The roadways can be a frustrating place with traffic jams and impatient drivers. There are some signs and symptoms that one might be experiencing road rage, and there are signs that one may be confronted with another driver who is having road rage.

To keep our roadways safe, it is important to proactively be aware of the signs of road rage. Let’s take a closer look at the signs.

Signs you may be experiencing road rage

According to the American Psychological Association, here are a few red flags:

·       Feeling anxious or stressed

·       Acting impulsively or impatiently

·       Elevated blood pressure and/or ringing ears

·       Driving faster than normal

·       Complaining out loud about other drivers

·       Swearing or making rude gestures

·       Honking the horn or flashing headlights

If you begin to feel the effects of road rage, it can be helpful to practice controlling your breathing and to pull over is necessary.

What to do if you feel another driver on the road is exhibiting signs of road rage

Understanding the signs of road rage in ourselves is a great first step towards being able to recognize road rage in others. Here are some ways to deescalate the situation and avoid an accident or injury resulting from road rage:

·       Create external space: By putting some space between their car and yours, reaction times can be increased.

·       Create internal space: Control your breathing, listen to calm music and count to 10.

·       Don’t engage: Do not honk your horn, wave your arms, yell, flash your lights or engage the other driver.

·       Don’t make eye contact: Making eye contact with the other driver can only serve to escalate the potentially dangerous road rage situation.

It is important to make sure that our actions do not make the situation worse. The best action is to recognize that another driver is experiencing road rage and to avoid them. If necessary, it might be warranted to contact law enforcement if the driver is putting other motorists in imminent danger.

It is important to remember that we cannot control other drivers. However, we can control ourselves. If you have been in a road rage situation that didn’t turn out well, legal counsel experienced in Delaware motor vehicle accidents is best qualified to help explore your legal options.