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Which hazards do you need to worry about when you visit a swimming pool this summer?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Personal Injury

The official start of summer kicks off next week, yet the temperatures are already hot enough that you may have already headed over to the local pool to cool off. 

Everybody knows that pools pose a risk of drowning, but there are other pool dangers that are also quite serious. Learning more about those dangers may help you stay safe as you venture to the pool this summer. Here are the top hazards:

Diving boards and slides

Slides and diving boards are fun, but they are also fall dangers. It’s not uncommon for falls into pools to result in head injuries, spinal injuries and more. 

Pool ladders and stairs

Many swimmers rely on stairs and ladders to get in or out of pools. They often miss seeing them, lose their footing, or become unaffixed, causing someone to unexpectedly fall into the water or strike a body part in the process.

Electrical hazards

A pool’s electrical system must be properly bonded to the pool’s heavy ground wire, or otherwise, it leaves pool-goers vulnerable to an electric shock. 

Another electrical hazard pool-goers face is injuries from pool pump suction lines. Pool owners can no longer have single-suction lines but instead dual ones to minimize the chances of a pool goer getting hurt.

Exposure to toxins

Bacteria may begin to grow in improperly treated pool water. This bacteria may be capable of causing potentially life-threatening conditions, including staph infections. An overly high concentration of chemicals may poison pool-goers or leave them with skin infections. 

Slips and falls

The decks that surround pools often go unmaintained and can easily become slippery. Chipped tiles may result in a child tripping and hitting their head or falling into the water. Safety analysts point out that pool owners should pressure wash away any accumulated residue on pool surroundings, yet many fail to do this. 

What should you do following a pool accident?

First, summon medical assistance if you or your loved one get hurt at a pool. Report the incident to the manager or owner as soon as possible. There are often statutes of limitations that apply to personal injury matters, so proceed quickly if you decide to file a lawsuit in your case.