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Tips to avoid an accident when biking near traffic 

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Cyclists know that they have a right to share the road with cars. Unfortunately, not all drivers see it the same way, and they may negligently cause accidents with these cyclists. 

Any accident is dangerous, but cycling accidents are especially risky because of how a cyclist is so exposed to the trauma of the accident. What can you do to stay safe when you ride?

Main tips from cycling experts

Here are a few of the best and easiest tips that experts have compiled:

  • Try to get a driver’s attention if you’re crossing in front of the car. Make eye contact. If you can’t do that, try waving.
  • Use lights on your bike. Ride with a headlight and a flashing rear light, even during the day.
  • Ride with traffic and on the road. Never ride against the flow of traffic and stay off of the sidewalks, which feel safer but are statistically more dangerous.
  • Use hand signals when turning. Just as drivers need to use blinker lights, bikers need to make their intentions clear.
  • Wear bright clothes and proper safety gear. The bright colors help you get noticed, and the safety equipment helps if you get hit anyway.
  • If you can, stick to smaller roads with less traffic. You have a right to ride on even the main roads, of course, but you can reduce the severity of an accident by taking smaller roads with lower speed limits.

These tips may help keep you safe this year, but remember that getting hit by a negligent driver is not your fault. If you’re injured in a wreck, you need to know how to seek compensation from that at-fault party to cover your medical bills and other losses. An attorney can protect your interests as you pursue your claim.