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Does hospital understaffing lead to medical negligence?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Delaware hospitals employ thousands of staff members to meet the demands and needs of patients. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a shortage of critical personnel to care for admitted patients. Nursing shortages are particularly dangerous because nurses provide the most hands-on care to patients.

According to the results of a study published by ModernNurse, hospitals without enough registered nurses (RNs) experience a higher risk of patient fatalities. Is this a form of medical malpractice on the part of understaffed hospitals? Sometimes it is. Injured patients or families grieving the hospital death of a beloved family member may learn more by seeking the services of a medical malpractice attorney.

Support from other hospital care studies

One study is not enough to determine how understaffing might lead to medical malpractice. However, additional research also supports this concept.

Infection rate study

In this study, excessive nurse workloads led to hospital-acquired infections in 22% of study patients. In other words, of the 195 study participants, 44 of them acquired hospital-related infections.

International understaffing analysis

In this international analysis, an insufficient number of nurses led to an increased risk of death and adverse patient conditions such as pressure sores, infections and deep vein thrombosis.

NCBI study analysis

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) looked at 18 different studies involving hospital understaffing. The conclusions NCBI made lend support to the idea that nurse understaffing plays a role in hospital patient harm.

Both Wilmington and Smyrna are home to many Delaware hospitals. It is logical to wonder if nurse understaffing is a problem in this region of the state. Patients who suffer from additional injury or illness during a hospital stay may have grounds to file a claim against the medical facility. A legal review of your situation can help you decide if a malpractice case is an option for you.