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Why injured taxi drivers and passengers often handle their claims separately

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In busy Delaware cities like Wilmington and Smyrna, motor vehicle accidents commonly involve taxi cabs. Many people use taxis to commute to work and back or to run daily errands. Although taxi drivers know how to navigate traffic, accidents still happen, often resulting in the driver and the passengers suffering an injury.

Victims often ask if the injured parties (taxi driver and passengers) can share an accident claim if the crash was caused by another driver. From a legal viewpoint, a taxi crash that injures the driver and the passengers falls under two different categories — workers’ comp for the driver and personal injury for the passengers.

Injured driver remedy

In motor vehicle accidents involving a taxi, the cab driver probably works for a taxi company. As an employee, the driver can obtain compensation by filing a workers’ compensation claim. A successful claim can cover the driver’s medical bills and replace their out-of-pocket costs.

Injured passengers remedy

When passengers suffer an injury, they will have to find another way to address their harm and receive financial compensation. Sometimes victims may file insurance claims to get the compensation they deserve. When driver negligence caused the crash, injured passengers may file a lawsuit against the taxi driver or the other motorist, depending upon which party was negligent.

Do victims ever have the same legal option?

Sometimes, all the injured parties can seek a remedy in the same manner. For example, say a defective auto part installed on the taxi caused or contributed to the motor vehicle accident. In such cases, the victims may target the auto part manufacturer by pursuing individual product liability lawsuits or a class action case involving multiple victims.

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