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Your employer’s responsibilities when you’re injured at work

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

All workplaces have potential dangers and hazards, no matter how safe it may seem. Whether you are an office worker, a server or a health care worker, you could be at risk of getting injured at work. Becoming injured can have a profound emotional, physical and financial impact on you, especially if you are not able to work for some time due to your injuries.

The good news is that almost all workers in the United States are able to gain workers’ compensation after a work-related injury, regardless of whether they are a natural-born citizen or an undocumented immigrant. This is because most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to help protect their employees from undue financial hardship. The following is an overview of how workers’ compensation works and the responsibilities that your employer has toward you.

Will I be eligible for workers’ compensation?

Generally speaking, to be eligible for workers’ compensation, you must be able to show that your injury occurred when you were carrying out work-related activities. You then need to show that you suffered financial damages as a result of your injury and take action to notify your employer and to file a claim within the time limit. Ideally, you should notify your employee in writing as soon as is reasonably possible after your injury.

What are my employer’s responsibilities?

Most employers are required by law to purchase insurance from a workers’ compensation insurance provider. They must provide you with emergency medical treatment if you are injured at work. They should then complete a report of the injury and send this to their closest workers’ compensation board office, as well as to their insurance company. Your employer also is prohibited from retaliating against you as a result of you filing for workers’ compensation.

If you have been injured in your workplace but you are concerned about filing for workers’ compensation, make sure that you fully understand your rights so that you can assert them.