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Why are older individuals more likely to get injured in accidents?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

People of all ages get involved in car accidents, but they have very different outcomes. Sometimes, this is due to the types of cars they drive or factors outside of their control — in some cases, it appears to be sheer luck. However, you can also see enough trends to know that the very age of those involved in these accidents can help to dictate the outcome. 

For instance, the rates of death in car accidents are higher for older individuals, and they may also be at risk for more severe injuries. Why does this happen? What is it about your age that changes how the accident impacts you? 

Physical frailty tends to increase as people age

Researchers have noted that much of it has to do with frailty. It’s not that older individuals crash more often, or that they drive unsafe vehicles, or that they don’t use safety systems. They can drive cars with five-star crash ratings and still be at greater risk of severe injury or death because their bodies cannot endure the physical injuries that a younger person may recover from. 

This doesn’t mean younger drivers wouldn’t have been injured in the same accidents. It’s just that they tend to be more robust, stronger and able to heal more quickly when they are injured.

No matter what your age, you have a right to compensation

The increased risks to older drivers are something that they cannot avoid. They have to face those risks whenever they get behind the wheel. As a result, they also need to know how to seek proper compensation for severe injuries caused by other negligent drivers. Their families also need to know their rights when they lose a loved one.