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Driving while drowsy is a deadly decision

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people don’t realize just how much being drowsy can impact their ability to drive a vehicle. Most people assume that others on the roadway will operate their vehicles safely, but there are individuals who think that driving when they’re tired isn’t a big deal. Some might even think it’s fun to brag about how much they drive when they’re fatigued. 

Drowsy driving isn’t much different than drunk driving

It’s important to realize that being drowsy can produce some of the same effects as being impaired. A driver who’s fatigued is three times more likely to have a wreck than someone who isn’t. There are approximately 100,000 drowsy driving crashes each year in this country. That number only includes wrecks that are reported by the police. 

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety cautions that the number of drowsy driving crashes might actually be higher. It estimates that there are around 328,000 each year. These crashes are costly. It’s estimated that injuries and deaths from these wrecks cost approximately $109 billion each year. That estimate doesn’t include the cost of property damage. 

Drowsy drivers may not realize they’re having a problem

One primary issue that makes it difficult to control drowsy driving is that some drivers might not realize how tired they are when they’re driving. Some common signs of fatigued driving include not remembering the last few miles driven, hitting the rumble strips on the side of the road, and blinking more than usual. Some drivers might even experience microsleeps that last a few seconds. Even those can be deadly since a vehicle that’s going 55 miles per hour goes the length of a football field in only five seconds. It’s always best to pull over and get rest if you’re drowsy. 

Individuals who are struck by a drowsy driver may opt to pursue a claim for compensation. This helps to recover the financial damages they’ve suffered due to the wreck.