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Seeing too many patients can lead to more medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

Just waiting for an appointment at your doctor’s office can make it very clear that they have quite a few patients that they take care of in their practice. Seeing how many people have overlapping appointment times with your own can really drive home how little time and mental energy your physician has to spend on you.

Many medical professionals feel so rushed because of their heavy patient loads that they have to cut corners and keep their time with individual patients to a minimum. Those practices can easily increase the risk of a patient experiencing medical malpractice such as misdiagnoses due to physician burnout or lack of time, mental energy and focus. How many patients does your doctor probably see every day?

Most physicians will see 20 patients per day

According to research about the workload for medical professionals, many of them have to have more than one appointment an hour. Some of them have two or three appointments an hour. Self-reported information from doctors has shown that the most common daily patient load is 20, but many physicians have more daily visits than that.

It is common for general practice physicians to have a patient load of 2,500 people or more. While you may expect that your doctor remembers critical things about you, like your bypass surgery last year or your family history of a very rare form of cancer, the truth is that with so many patients, your doctor probably can’t retain that information between visits.

They glance at your chart briefly, listen to you for a few seconds and then try to make a determination about what you need. That lack of personal knowledge about you and the speed with which they try to diagnose and treat you could easily lead to them making otherwise preventable medical mistakes.